An air handler, also known as an electric furnace, is an important part of your home’s comfort system. Your central air conditioning system consists of two main parts—an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The air handler is the indoor unit and its job is to effectively circulate conditioned air throughout your home. When matched with a heat pump, it circulates both cool and hot air, depending on the season. With a properly sized air handlers, your family has the right amount of clean, comfortable air all year round. Plus, air handlers make a significant contribution to the overall efficiency of your system. That’s because the more efficient your air handler is, the less work your outdoor unit has to do to make your home comfortable.
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High efficiency 4-speed blower motor
Provides airflow flexibility to match your heating and cooling requirements. Delivers exceptional air flow and efficiency.

Vortica™ advanced air flow system
High efficiency Vortica™ blower provides a consistent flow of warm, comfortable air, while operating quietly and efficiently. Composite material will not crack, corrode or rust.

“No Leak” base pan
Rust-resistant, polycarbonate drain pan is sloped to reduce standing water.

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• Computer-designed coils and a specially designed 3-speed or a variable 8-speed, high-efficiency motor (depending on the model) provide optimum operating efficiency tailored to your home's heating and cooling requirements.

• Time delay electronic controls monitor fan operation to enhance air circulation and maximize efficiency.

• Insulated cabinet design and aerodynamically engineered blowers ensure quiet comfort.

• A structurally-reinforced, prepainted galvanized steel cabinet delivers extra durability.

• A 5 year limited warranty* on all parts provides worry-free protection.